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The Music Brings us Together

    JamShalom Rocks is the flagship program of In-Reach – our answer to making Judaism more accessible to today’s young adults. JamShalom Rocks provides open and free hospitality tents at music festivals across North America, wherein the JamShalom crew offer friendship, inspirational conversation, and Shabbat experiences in a warm and non-judgemental environment. JamShalom’s unique “no-agenda” approach to Jewish engagement enables young Jews, and their friends of all faiths, to feel comfortable finding their own path to Spiritual connection. For many young adults, spirituality is a social experience, and JamShalom Rocks demonstrates that Jewish and Spiritual connection can be found in their everyday lives and within their own communities.

In 2015, JamShalom Rocks directly engaged over 2,500 young adults from all walks of life. 


JamShalom Spiritual Chillin' Lineup
Click the image below for a sample Shabbat lineup!
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