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What's New for 2017?

Over the past 6 months, the JamShalom team has been working hard to bring you a better experience. So we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to and what you can expect to see in 2017!

We are officially pairing up with a Jewish environmental project to bring JamShalom events to a new level. This new partner will be present at events inviting you to explore the sustainable school bus home and offering on-site solar power, composting, and recycling.

Our newly organized Jambassadors program puts you in a leadership role as an important part of the JamShalom team. Jambassadors are volunteers assigned to help each event run smoothly and they get some great perks too (check back soon for applications and more info)!

Branching out! As we begin to plan the tour schedule for 2017, JamShalom aims to create a balanced tour, spread over multiple regions of the country, including both Phish shows and multi-artist festivals. We would love your input in creating our schedule and we know you all have a festival wishlist. So head over to our Event Request form to let us know where you want to see us this summer!

Can’t wait to see you all on tour!!

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